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All prices are starting prices. Pricing will vary based on each individuals hair type. Please note, if you have long/thick hair there will be additional charges for extra time & product used. Please book "Additional 15 Minutes" when booking if you have long and/or thick hair that may require extra time. New clients please book a "New Client Package" for the first appointment.

Image by Yoann Boyer

Haircut $85

For guest who want who seeks to express themselves, enhance their appearance, or simply maintain their hair’s health and style. You can expect hair to be cut, have fresh healthy ends, and blow-dry styling

Dry Haircut $65

For guests maintaining a haircut and want less than an inch cut. You can except hair to be cut, have fresh healthy ends. Guest must come with clean, dry, and straightened. For existing clients only.

Clipper Haircut $45

For guests who like most of their hair cut with clippers. Scissor or clipper cut on top, expertly faded down to the neck line. Includes a wash and hot towel treatment

Blow-Dry $85

For guest needing to be washed and styled with a brush and blow dryer. You can except hair to be cleaned and styled with professional products

Ultimate Grooming Treatment $45

For Male Guests Only. Upgrade your haircut service with some pampering. Guests can except a relaxing hot towel treatment between exfoliating, facial cleanser, shaving, moisturizer and a refreshing skin tonic service coupled with a soothing hand massage.

Bang Trim $20

For guests maintaining bangs and want only the bangs trimmed. Bangs will be be trimmed and restyled if needed

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