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I created this page to guide you to what I call a perfect hair routine. These products are what I would consider the "best of the best" and are linked to shop either Hairstory, Amazon, GlossGenius, or an affiliate I have partnered with to make sure you wear the best hair possible.

Pre Shower Routine

Brushing your hair before showering is an essential step in hair care, and using a boar's hair and nylon brush offers multiple benefits. This combination of bristles provides gentle detangling without causing damage to the hair strands. By distributing natural scalp oils (sebum), the brush nourishes the hair, resulting in smoother, shinier locks with improved texture. Additionally, the brush stimulates the scalp, promoting better circulation and potential hair growth. It effectively reduces static and frizz, making it suitable for all hair types. The brush is also durable and sustainable, and it enhances the hair's natural shine, making it a valuable and effective addition to any hair care routine.

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Pick One




Shower Routine


 K18 Detox Shampoo (once to twice a month) clarifies and revitalizes your hair, effectively removing heavy minerals from Austin's hard water, as well as chemical buildup such as chlorine and salt, all while maintaining its color-safe properties. Apply the cutting-edge formula to damp hair, focusing on damaged areas. This revolutionary treatment allows the hair a reset by selectively targeting and removing only the toxins and impurities that cause dullness and limpness caused by chemical treatments, heat styling, and environmental stressors. With this advanced formula, your hair undergoes a revitalizing transformation, becoming stronger, smoother, and more vibrant, as it sheds the burden of harmful buildup. Embrace the power of this treatment for a rejuvenated and purified hair experience like never before..


Hairstory New Wash (Everyday Cleanser) Say goodbye to traditional shampoos and conditioners with Hairstory New Wash. Wet your hair thoroughly and apply the unique, all-in-one cleansing and conditioning system. Its gentle, plant-based formula cleanses the hair without stripping its natural oils. Massage the product through your hair and scalp, enjoying the soothing experience. Rinse thoroughly, and experience the resultsoft, hydrated, and beautifully manageable hair with improved texture and reduced frizz. Suitable for all hair types, New Wash simplifies your hair care routine and promotes healthier, more vibrant locks.

Step One

Step Two

Step Three


The Crown Affair Detangling Comb Experience stress-free detangling with The Crown Affair Detangling Comb. Before rinsing your hair, gently glide the comb through knots and tangles, minimizing breakage and damage. The comb's seamless design and wide-toothed structure prevent snagging, ensuring a smooth and painless detangling process. This step leaves your hair feeling soft and sleek, preparing it for the final rinse.

Step Four


Jolie Filtered Showerhead Complete your hair care ritual with the Jolie Filtered Showerhead. Replace your regular showerhead with this innovative tool designed to provide a chlorine-free, purified shower experience. Chlorine in tap water can strip the hair of its natural oils, causing dryness and dullness. The Jolie Filtered Showerhead removes chlorine and impurities, ensuring that your hair retains its moisture and shine. This gentle, filtered water rinse enhances the effectiveness of the K18 and New Wash, leaving your hair feeling fresh, clean, and deeply nourished.

Post Shower Routine


(When Detoxing) The K18 Leave-In Mask is an innovative hair treatment that repairs and strengthens damaged hair at a molecular level. Suitable for all hair types, this leave-in treatment transforms dry and brittle hair into soft, smooth, and resilient locks. To use, apply to freshly washed hair, massage, and wait for 4 minutes. Then use styling products as usual. With consistent use, the mask provides deep repair, improves hair texture, and reduces frizz, making it easier to manage. It also offers color protection for colored hair and acts as a preventative measure against future damage. Embrace this game-changing treatment for salon-like results in the comfort of your own home.


The Neuma Insta Fix Moisture Spray is a versatile hair treatment that provides instant hydration and revitalization to dry, damaged, or lackluster hair. Enriched with botanical extracts, essential oils, and plant-based proteins, it replenishes moisture, restores shine, and improves overall hair health. The lightweight formula is easy to apply and won't weigh down the hair, making it perfect for daily use and on-the-go touch-ups. The spray offers multiple benefits, including instant hydration, frizz control, heat protection, and improved hair health. Moreover, Neuma's commitment to sustainability makes it an environmentally friendly choice. Embrace this nourishing spray to achieve revitalized and vibrant hair effortlessly.

Step One

Step Two

Step Three


The Gamma Hair Dryer is a revolutionary hair tool packed with advanced technology and ergonomic design. It delivers powerful and efficient drying, precise control, and advanced ionic technology to reduce frizz and enhance hair health. The lightweight and quiet operation ensure comfort during use, while its durability makes it a reliable long-term investment. With styling versatility and exceptional performance, the Gamma Hair Dryer elevates the hair drying experience, leaving hair smoother, shinier, and healthier. Embrace its benefits for a professional-quality hair styling experience at home.

Step Four


The K18 Oil is a luxurious and nourishing hair oil that provides intensive hydration, repair, and protection to dry and damaged hair. Enriched with plant-based oils, vitamins, and peptides, this lightweight formula revitalizes hair, leaving it healthier, smoother, and more radiant. Suitable for all hair types, including color-treated hair, it offers benefits such as intensive hydration, restorative repair, heat and UV protection, frizz control, enhanced shine, and long-lasting nourishment. By following a simple application process, the K18 oil becomes an essential addition to your hair care routine, leaving you with stunning and revitalized hair.

Styling Routine for Curls


Misting your hair before styling is a fundamental and effective technique for those with wavy or curly hair. This simple process involves lightly spraying water or a hydrating mist onto your hair before applying styling products or using heat tools. This pre-styling step offers numerous benefits that enhance the health, definition, and manageability of your wavy or curly locks.


Neauma Mousse is a versatile and effective hair product that adds volume, hold, and texture, making it perfect for achieving and enhancing curls. It works well on all hair types, helping to create beautiful and defined curls. To use mousse, start with clean, damp hair, evenly distribute it from roots to ends, and use fingers to scrunch and define curls. You can either air-dry for looser curls or use a diffuser for more defined curls. The benefits of mousse include defined and lasting curls, added volume, flexible hold, frizz control, heat protection, easy application, and styling versatility. Embrace mousse in your hair care routine for stunning, long-lasting, and frizz-free curls.


Encourage Hold

Tame & Define  


Neuma NeuCurl cream is a fantastic styling product that enhances and defines natural curls. It provides moisture, hold, and frizz control, making it ideal for achieving beautiful and well-defined curls. Suitable for all hair types, it transforms straight or wavy hair into stunning curls. To use, apply to clean, damp hair, distribute evenly, and use fingers to shape curls. You can air-dry for loose curls or use a diffuser for more defined curls. The benefits include enhanced curl definition, moisture, frizz control, flexible hold, volume, styling versatility, and ease of use. Embrace curl cream for effortless and stunning curly hairstyles.



Using a wide-tooth comb is essential for enhancing and maintaining curls. Its unique design allows gentle detangling and styling without causing damage. It preserves the natural curl pattern, controls frizz, and promotes even product distribution. Suitable for all hair types, a wide-tooth comb is versatile and travel-friendly, making it ideal for achieving beautifully defined and healthy curls.

Diffuse & Set


A diffuser is a hair tool that distributes airflow evenly, encouraging natural curl formation and enhancing curls for all hair types. When attached to a hair dryer, diffusing is a game-changer in achieving voluminous and well-defined curls with added texture, bounce, and lasting hold. To use a diffuser, start with clean, damp hair, and apply curl-enhancing products if desired. Attach the diffuser to the hair dryer using a low or medium heat setting. Section the hair for better control and flip your head upside down. Gently scrunch the hair upwards towards the scalp to encourage curl formation. Hold the diffuser in place for a few seconds on each section, and use the cool shot feature if available to set the curls and control frizz. The result is enhanced curl definition, volume, texture, and long-lasting hold. Diffusing is a time-saving and versatile technique that offers heat protection, making it a must-have in your hairstyling routine for achieving stunning and well-defined curls effortlessly.

Styling Routine for Blow-Drying

Step One



(When Detoxing) The K18 Leave-In Mask is an innovative hair treatment that repairs and strengthens damaged hair at a molecular level. Suitable for all hair types, this leave-in treatment transforms dry and brittle hair into soft, smooth, and resilient locks. To use, apply to freshly washed hair, massage, and wait for 4 minutes. Then use styling products as usual. With consistent use, the mask provides deep repair, improves hair texture, and reduces frizz, making it easier to manage. It also offers color protection for colored hair and acts as a preventative measure against future damage. Embrace this game-changing treatment for salon-like results in the comfort of your own home.



The Neuma Smoothing Cream is a versatile hair product that tames frizz, adds shine, and provides heat protection for a sleek and polished hairstyle. Its clean, plant-based formula ensures a lightweight and non-greasy application, making it ideal for managing unruly hair. By applying the cream to clean, damp hair, you can achieve a well-groomed, smooth, and radiant look. The cream offers protection against heat styling damage and UV rays, promoting improved hair health with regular use. Embrace the benefits of Neuma Smoothing Cream to enjoy a frizz-free, polished, and effortlessly elegant hairstyle.

Step Two & Three

Blow Dry


Using a blow-dryer and round brush is an effective method for achieving smooth, voluminous, and salon-worthy hair. The technique involves blow-drying sections of hair with a round brush to add volume, lift, and shape. By following the steps and using the concentrator nozzle, you can achieve sleek and polished results with reduced frizz. The rolling technique with the round brush helps add bounce and curl at the ends, providing versatile styling options. This method allows for quick drying, heat styling control, and long-lasting results. With practice, you can achieve professional-looking hair at home while protecting your hair from excessive heat damage. Embrace this technique to enjoy a well-groomed, voluminous, and effortlessly elegant hairstyle every day.


The One-Step Volumizer Hot Air Brush is a revolutionary hair styling tool that combines a blow dryer and a round brush in one device. It adds volume, shine, and smoothness to your hair while reducing frizz and styling time. By gliding the brush through damp hair and using the rolling technique, you can achieve voluminous, bouncy curls. The brush's ionic technology reduces frizz and adds shine, and the cool shot option sets the style. It should only be used on hair that is mostly dry and is best applied as a polishing brush for finishing your hairstyle, ensuring a flawless and polished look. The One-Step Volumizer Hot Air Brush is time-saving, versatile, and safe for your hair, making it a convenient tool for achieving salon-quality hairstyles at home. Embrace the benefits of the One-Step Volumizer Hot Air Brush for beautiful, healthy-looking hair with added volume and shine.



Using a curling iron is an effective way to create beautiful curls and waves in your hair. Start with clean, dry hair and apply a heat protectant product. Section your hair and wrap small sections around the curling iron barrel, holding for a few seconds before releasing. The benefits include versatile styling options, added volume, long-lasting curls, adjustable heat settings, and a confidence boost. Whether you want tight ringlets or loose beach waves, a curling iron helps you achieve the perfect hairstyle for any occasion.


The BioIonic 10X Flatiron is an advanced hair styling tool that provides smooth, sleek, and frizz-free hair. It features 1-inch ceramic plates with natural volcanic mineral technology for consistent heat and reduced frizz. The flatiron heats up quickly, has adjustable temperature settings, and is suitable for various hair lengths and types. For beach waves, the flatiron can vibrate making it easy to create soft bends and waves by slightly twisting the iron. Its versatility and performance make it an excellent tool for achieving effortless and stunning beach waves that last. On the other hand, using a curling iron is a popular and effective method for creating beautiful curls and waves. It offers versatile styling options, adds volume and texture to the hair, and can boost confidence by enhancing your overall look. Both tools are essential for achieving different hairstyles, whether you prefer sleek and straight hair or beachy waves.

Finishing Touches

Step Three


Hairstory Powder is a versatile hair product that adds texture, volume, and refreshes your hairstyle. Simply shake the bottle, dispense a small amount onto the roots, and massage it in. It absorbs oil, adds lift, and creates a fuller look. The powder is lightweight, invisible, and extends your hairstyle, making it perfect for quick touch-ups and travel.

Step Four


Using K18 Oil to brush out and separate curls after styling enhances the natural look of your curls while protecting and nourishing your hair. It adds shine, reduces frizz, and restores hair health with its reparative properties. The lightweight and non-greasy formula is suitable for all curl types, making it a versatile addition to your hair care routine. Achieve effortlessly beautiful and healthy curls with K18 oil.

Specialized Needs



Scalp  Care

The Jupiter Dandruff Bundle is a comprehensive solution designed to combat dandruff and promote a healthy scalp. It includes specialized products infused with powerful ingredients to alleviate itching, flaking, and irritation caused by dandruff. The bundle's benefits include eliminating dandruff, soothing and nourishing the scalp, restoring scalp health, improving hair condition, and boosting confidence. This valuable investment addresses the root cause of dandruff, allowing you to enjoy flake-free, itch-free hair and regain your confidence with a healthier scalp.


Crown Affair's The Cleansing Scrub is a luxurious hair care product that offers essential benefits for a healthy scalp and vibrant hair. Its gentle exfoliation and cleansing action promote scalp health, improved hair growth, and enhanced product absorption. The scrub's nourishing ingredients soothe the scalp, providing a relaxing sensation and stress relief. Regular use of The Cleansing Scrub rejuvenates the scalp and hair, leaving them refreshed and revitalized, contributing to overall hair health and appearance. Incorporate this scrub into your routine for a rejuvenating scalp and beautiful, lustrous hair.




HiBAR offers plastic-free, soap-free solid shampoo and conditioner bars with gentle ingredients for soft, silky, and manageable hair. The unique shape of the bars fits comfortably in your hand for easy use. Despite their compact size, each bar lasts as long as two large bottles of liquid shampoo or conditioner. HiBAR is the first to tailor its formulas for specific hair types, including the Soothe Shampoo Bar and Conditioner Bar for itchy, flaky, or sensitive scalps. These formulas contain white willow bark extract and kukui nut oil to soothe and soften hair. Enjoy the convenience, sustainability, and effectiveness of HiBAR's solid shampoo and conditioner bars.


The Renewal Mask is a luxurious and hydrating weekly hair treatment that nourishes and repairs hair without weighing it down. Formulated with hydrating tsubaki seed oil and strengthening yuzu fruit extract, it works to smooth and strengthen even the most damaged hair. Use it as a weekly treatment for all hair types or as a rebuilding mask for over-processed, bleached, or damaged hair. The mask leaves hair softer, shinier, and healthier. It is easy to use and can be left on for 5-15 minutes depending on the level of hydration needed. The ingredients include Tsubaki Seed Oil for deep hydration and flexibility and Yuzu Extract for hair growth and strength. The mask is suitable for all hair types and is finished with a delightful signature fragrance. Enjoy the haircare ritual and the benefits of softer, healthier, and more invigorated hair.

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